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montreal breweries

There's no shortage of good breweries in Quebec, but how many belong to women? In a sector historically dominated by women, female brewers, or brewsters, have been mostly pushed out of brewhouses over two centuries ago. Now, the Festival Brassoeurs of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu aims to prove that women can still generate excellent brews.

On March 25, the OverHop Canada brewery will host the first edition of the new Quebec beer festival, inviting 18 participating breweries that are all women-owned or have women as brewers.

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Good news for all beer connoisseurs: Mondial de la bière is finally back to normal. Unlike last year, this iconic festival has been able to return to the good old formula that made it such a fun event to begin with.

Thanks (but no thanks) to the pandemic, the 2021 festival had to operate a little differently — welcoming just 450 people at a time for a maximum of three hours. There were no individual booths and, because of importing delays, only 5% of the beers were international.

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With such a wide range of flavours and types to choose from, beer is a beverage appreciated by lots of Montrealers. Caramel, licorice, hazelnut, ginger, orange – there really is something to suit every taste.

From May 19 to 22, beer lovers in Montreal can check out breweries from near and far at the 28th edition of the popular Mondial de la bière. Founded in 1994, the event plays an important role in the world of brewing, continually reinventing itself to suit the evolving palates of beer connoisseurs.

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