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montreal cats

Divorce can be ruff.

He got the Poäng armchair from Ikea; she got the Keurig K-Cup coffee maker, boxes of assorted coffee pods included. He took the car; she got the boat. He got the crystal decanter glass set (a gift from her sister), though it was mostly for show as he liked drinking straight from the bottle (an early red flag she ignored).

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With a federal election underway, it's not surprising to see election signs around town — unless, that is, the candidates are cats. For the past couple of days, Montrealers have been stopping in their tracks in the Plateau for that very reason.

Sébastien Parent-Durand tweeted photos of the prime-ministerial-looking cat candidates, who are front and centre on Liberal, NDP, Conservative and 'Chat Québécois' (as opposed to Bloc Québécois) campaign posters. They have slogans like, "Miauler ensemble (meow together)" instead of the NDP's "Oser ensemble" and "Ronronner pour le Québéc (Purring for Quebec)."

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This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

Rescue group Chatopia reported Wednesday that it had rescued three cats from a garbage bin in the Montreal area. The three animals were crammed into a single carrier.

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No lie, I love cats. I used to be super scared of them because of a childhood trauma involving the botched reenactment of a certain Lion King scene (... I still have the scars to this day), but now I'm chill.

And, if you're a cat lover too, then you might need to sit down for this one, because I've got some great news for you.

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Cat lovers, raise your hands. Is your hand raised in the air? No? Well, it's okay. I know you're a cat lover on the inside. Everyone kind of is, because it's seriously difficult not to adore the cute, sweet little balls of fluff and aloofness that are cats.

And if you so happen to be a cat and coffee lover in Montreal (and, let's be honest, who isn't?) then I've got some great news for you. Montreal has a bunch of spots where you can combine your two passions into one awesome adventure. Don't believe me? Well, prepare to believe, friends. Read on for Best Montreal Cat Cafes 2016.

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