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montreal construction site

Sure, Montreal is known for its bagels, poutine and smoked meat but the orange construction cone has dolefully become the city's true emblem. Although no one construction cone is more special than the other, there's one standout orange pylon that has been garnering a lot of attention this past week.

On January 20, 2023, Serge Sasseville, an independent city councillor in the Peter-MCGill district in the Ville-Marie borough, published two photos on his Twitter where an orange can be seen buried beneath freshly laid asphalt on rue Sherbrooke Ouest.

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The city of Montreal is known for so many different things: our music scene, bagels, fashion, potholes and of course, construction (which never seems to be the solution to fixing those potholes, but alas, here we are).

Now, when visitors find themselves in the 514, surely they become immersed in the array of festivals the city hosts, the stellar food scene, and dismally, a sea of orange construction cones.

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No, this isn't a joke and it I didn't photoshop a bunch of extra construction signs to make to make the map look busier.

This is actually the map showing every construction site in Montreal.

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