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montreal date

Mayor Valérie Plante often uses social media to showcase the Montreal businesses and institutions she visits, both as part of her duties as the city's chief executive and, occasionally, in her personal life, as just another Montrealer seeking a good time in the buzzing metropolis.

On May 21, she took to the city's Sud-Ouest borough for an apparent date night, "playing tourist," in her words, as she zipped between some of the area's trendiest drinkeries — with some time for architecture gazing along the way.

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We don't talk about Bruno, but we have to talk about this Montreal date opportunity. Cin'Hoch de l'été, a seasonal outdoor movie theatre in the parking lot of a Hochelaga Dairy Queen, is back this summer with some enticing titles, including, on August 5, Disney's hit animated musical Encanto, dubbed in French.

The adjacent Dairy Queen is open until 10 p.m., so moviegoers can grab a cone, cup or Blizzard before watching the film — an equally delicious spectacle of sensuous animation and Lin-Manuel Miranda-penned show tunes — from the comfort of their own fold-out chairs.

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My parents don't ever get involved in my personal life, except for this one time when they did. They've always wanted me to meet "a nice Russian boy" and their friends happened to have a son who seemed like the perfect candidate for everlasting love. Even though I was (and still am) completely against "arranged marriage" mentality, I saw his photo and he looked quite handsome (very superficial of me, I know). So I was like, "Fine, let's do it." Plus, the thought of my parents approving of my other half was very comforting. I actually love making my folks happy, so yeah, I was down to give it a try.

Let's give my prince charming a super Russian name - Boris. So he calls me the next day and, turns out, Boris has the goofiest voice on the planet. It does not match the photo at all. I think to myself, "Whatever, maybe he's nervous or something, it's all good." We agree to meet that same week for dinner.

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