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montreal ferris wheel

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Living in Montreal is an experience of extremes: extreme cold and extreme heat, high levels of festival excitement and high levels of annoying stairs. Each Montreal resident will come to a point, though, when the pressures of city life begin to crush your spirit, and you wonder whether it's time to move on — or just take a break.

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Montreal's Old Port is reopening its massive ice skating rink, so you can glide under the glow of the Bonsecours ferris wheel. The rink will host a grand opening on December 10, which will kick off weekly events through March 5, 2023.

You can pick between "DJ on Ice" Friday evenings, "Live Saturdays" with musical performances and "Family Sundays" with kid-friendly games and activities.

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The management team for the Old Port's Grande Roue de Montréal took to social media Monday to share team members' condolences for the death of an employee on Christmas Day. The team identified the employee as Riley Jonathan Valcin and called the circumstances of his death a tragic accident.

"We are heartbroken," the social media post reads.

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So, you want to ask someone out, but you need to impress your potential new bae with fun Montreal date ideas. Or maybe you've been in a relationship for a while, but you've kind of gotten stuck in a "let's watch TV and then go to bed" rut.

Whatever the case may be, you need some good date ideas, and you need them now. Luckily, Montreal is a wonderful, romantic city with activities that are perfect for lovebirds old and new.

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This summer, Montreal is be getting a brand new attraction in the Old Port. the city plans on building Canada's tallest Ferris wheel in the Old Port on Ile Bonsecour.

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