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montreal fuel cost

Record-high fuel costs are walloping the wallets of Montreal motorists with no end in sight. For rideshare and delivery drivers the impact is especially acute — and that means Uber and Uber Eats customers could soon see a rise in rates to reduce the financial strain on gas-dependent gig workers.

"[Our] temporary fuel surcharge remains in effect. We will continue to monitor the gas price situation over the coming weeks and may make changes to the surcharge," Quebec Public Affairs Manager for Uber Jonathan Hamel told MTL Blog.

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Remember the good 'ole days where gas was so cheap in March 2020? Well, those days are long gone. According to CAA-Quebec, the average price per litre across the province is 164.4 cents per litre as of March 1, up from 162.5 cents per litre on February 28.

It was only last month that the average price for gas was 157.2 cents per litre, so it's no shock that prices are expected to increase even more.

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