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montreal memes

Everyone's hopping on the latest Twitter meme trend, using red flag emojis to highlight warning signs and dealbreakers in hilarious ways β€” and Montrealers are no exception.

What are your Montreal-themed red flags? Is it a red flag if someone says DΓ©carie is their favourite street in town? How about when someone actually looks forward to Montreal winters? Whatever your Montreal red flags may be, these nine memes will have you rolling on the floor laughing because they're way too relatable.

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MontrealΒ may have its flaws, but anyone who considers themselves a Montrealer will never be shy to admit how much they love their city. After all, an essential part of being a Montrealer is the pride that goes along with it. There are certain cultural unifiers found here that simply do not exist elsewhere, and it is precisely those things that make Montreal the unique place that it is.

Canadian button-makers,Β Six Cent Press,Β haveΒ brilliantly (and hilariously) pinnedΒ some of the things that only a true Montrealer can relate to, with a series of customΒ buttons we'd love to get our hands on.

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