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montreal metro schedule

The Montreal-based Transit app, which many residents turn to for information on bus schedules and locations, is partially switching to a paid subscription model.

Users will still be able to freely access real-time updates, trip plans and directions, but information on distant departure times and transit lines will only be available through the new subscription service Transit Royale, according to an August 2021 news release.

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Montreal pro tip: don't do your hair until after you're off the metro. Montrealers know the struggle of using all their body weight to force open their metro station's doors only to get smacked in the face by a blinding gust of wind that smells like the city's stale, dusty bowels.

So why does entering an STM metro station feel like an amusement park ride? The transit company took to Instagram to share the answer in an eye-opening explainer video on its ventilation system and methods.

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