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montreal music scene

Montreal's music scene has always punched above its weight on the global stage. While you might be familiar with homegrown headliners like Simple Plan and Arcade Fire, the city is birthplace of many other global sensations. From indie rock to electro-funk, from orchestral pop to the new wave, Montreal have given the world influential bands without much fanfare for their beginnings.

Among these are a group known for their epic post-rock soundscapes, a duo that infused funk into modern electro beats, and a groundbreaking artist who has redefined the boundaries of electronic and hip-hop music with his unique sound.

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This summer, there are all kinds of music festivals in Montreal finally taking place again. And one of them that we're most excited for is hands down Piknic Électronik, which is starting its regular events as of May 22.

The music event just dropped its 2022 program and it's setting the summer up to be a great one, with artists like High Klassified, Misstress Barbara and VTSS preparing to hit the outdoor stages over the span of May to October.

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Photo cred - Partywithsylvain

Discovering local Montreal musicians is a task easier said than done. Heading to a venue for a show requires traveling in the cold (and is a gamble as the artist may not be too good) while music streaming services are over-saturated with top 40 tunes and remixes. So we've done the work for you, and created a playlist of Montreal's hottest musicians.

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