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montreal nitelife

So you’ve decided to tie the old knot huh? You popped the big question, you got through the nightmare that is planning the big day, so it’s now time to run away! Just kidding. You are marrying the person of your dreams and you can’t wait to start your lives together. But before any successful wedding can take place, a killer bachelor party must come first.

While Montreal is no stranger to a good time by any means, you’re looking for something a little more unique, a little more outside the box. Let’s be honest, you want something downright scandalous to pay proper tribute to your last night as a free agent. There’s no shame in that. You only get one bachelor party (ideally) in your lifetime, so might as well make it one you’ll never forget. The following 5 ideas for a Montreal bachelor party definitely fall into that category.

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It's not everyday that your best friend gets married, and as the dedicated and loving maid of honor that you are, you owe it to her to throw the best, most unforgettable bachelorette party of all time, right? Very exciting. But planning a stellar evening out with the girls can be mighty tricky on a regular night, without the added pressure of it being the last unmarried night of your best friend's life.

Between figuring out everybody's schedules, budgets, dietary restrictions, pet peeves, political views, coordinating lipstick shades, etc., what once seemed like a fun and exciting project can quickly become overwhelming. That's why we reached out to Montreal Nitelife, a local bachelorette party planner, for a few tips on what to consider when planning a successful bachelorette party of epic proportions.

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