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montreal nutella day

Calling all fellow Nutella-lovers! Montreal is a city filled with delicious desserts, but for those of us that know the only thing better than eating this chocolatey-hazelnutty goodness with a spoon is sinking your teeth into a sweet treat filled with Nutella.

Luckily, the city is full of great spots to satisfy your sweet tooth, so check out these must-visit Greater Montreal spots to fulfill all your Nutella needs.

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Few food items unite humans from around the world quite like Nutella. Even poutine pales in comparison to the worldwide love the choco-hazelnut spread receives. People simply go nuts for Nutella, and Montreal is no exception.

Seriously, Nutella is almost a content-hack here at MTL Blog; if you have a Nutella-related post, it will do well. Montrealers constantly clamour for Nutella, and the loving addiction will be most apparent today during (what we're calling) "Montreal Nutella Day 2016."

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