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montreal sex toys

A McGill start-up isn't playing around when it comes to sex toys. They want to revolutionize the industry with individualized, affordable adult products. Freely makes 3D-printed dildos and plugs that are 100% customizable, from shape and stiffness to size and colour. Each one is designed using an online builder that puts the outcome entirely in a customer's hands.

"Think of the Sims creator, but for your butt plug or dildo,! Freely co-founders Alex Moreau, Ben Lusterio-Adler, Nina-Marie Martinez and Pierre-Luc Lebœuf told MTL Blog.

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When it comes to Montreal, one thing that stands true is that we're a pretty sexy city, right? Well, PinkCherry doesn't think so. The largest retailer for sex toys in the country compiled a list of Canada's sexiest cities, and Montreal placed nowhere near the top.

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