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montreal squirrels

Cute, furry, and emblematic of Montreal, squirrels are a much-adored furry inhabitant of this fair city. 

But squirrels don't share the same fondness towards Montrealers.

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Well, friends, we did it. We survived the first month of 2016. Congrats. How's it been for you guys so far? Awesome? I bet it's been pretty awesome, especially with the beautiful non-winter we've been having.

But even though January was really awesome, February 2016 is going to be pretty great, too. First of all, there's Valentine's Day. Which is a pretty awesome day, regardless as to whether or not you're in a relationship (if you've got a significant other, you can celebrate; if you're single, you can also celebrate, except with less people and more chocolate). And second of all? There are tons of awesome events taking place in Montreal this month, and even more awesome things you can do for free. Don't believe me? Well, prepare to believe, friends.  Read on for 40 FREE Things To Do This February 2016 In Montreal.

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