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montreal staycation

The Alice in Wonderland room at a motel in Laval may be in the cards if you're looking for a magical city escape. Instead of diving down a rabbit hole, Le Fabreville is a 30-minute drive from Montreal and offers over a dozen themed suites to add some sparkle to your weekend staycation.

The motel's Wonderland room is filled with mind-bending wallpaper and other playful details inspired by the iconic novel that follows a girl named Alice through a series of absurd adventures.

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When most of your Facebook friends post photos of them sun bathing somewhere on a beach and you look at your bank account statement and feel really bad for yourself... Have no fear, we're here to help. You can still feel like you're on vacation without having to actually travel to another country. There are tons of things our city offers that can totally make you feel like you're on vacation even during winter.

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