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moshe kasher

Alright, friends, show of hands: who here loves to laugh?

That was a dumb question, I know. Everyone loves to laugh, and if you don't... well, maybe get that checked out. That's not super normal.

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A lot of the Just For Laughs shows and galas are large events, with hundreds of people in a giant theater watching one performer. Some comedians and spectators feel a comedy show should be a bit more intimate, to allow a real rapport between the comic and the audience. That is what 'Off-JFL' is all about, and MTL Blog had the chance to chat with rising comedic star Moshe Kasher about his string of Off-JFL performances at Theatre Sainte-Catherine.

Moshe Kasher returns to JFL for his fourth time and is looking forward to the festival as 'just another fun weekend in comedy.' Known for his witty quips and hilarious insights, Kasher promises that 'this particular show is totally different.' For those who have seen his recorded stand-up special (available on NetFlix), rest assured that this performance will cover entirely new ground and 'incorporates a lot of stuff about...childhood and being in a first relationship and figuring out how that works.” But don't worry, Kasher still points out that “I’m still just an idiot” and fans of his previous work will not be disappointed.

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