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most expensive house in quebec

Nestled on the side of Lac Tremblant, a cobblestone manor sits in silence, waiting for its turn to be adopted. Unbeknownst to the sleepy mansion, its net worth has recently decreased by an amount larger than what most Quebecers will earn in their lifetime.

This is 730 chemin Thomas-Robert, a massive home set on 52 sprawling acres with a full 1,000 feet of private lakefront just 90 minutes from Montreal. Set on a cliff overlooking Lac Tremblant, the home was originally listed in summer 2022 at $39.9 million. In the time since its initial listing, 730 Thomas-Robert has been downgraded by an eyewatering $6 million to the still-impressive price of $33.9 million.

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Open your pockets, everyone, a new luxury mansion has just hit the market — and there's never been a property listing quite as expensive as this one, according to real estate aggregator Centris. The opulent home is listed for an eye-watering $39.9 million, making it the priciest-ever home for sale in Quebec.

The imposing facade of the massive home, midwinter.The imposing facade of the massive home, midwinter.Groupe Venise & Peter Wyslouzil

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If you've ever thought to yourself: "I could really go for a glass of wine and my own private island right now," good news.

A luxurious house located in Saint-Hippolyte, Quebec is up for sale at $1,500,000, and it's the only residence on a private island in Lake Echo — so you can be reclusive in style.

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