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Photo cred - Le Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Over the last three decades, the Montreal-based theatrical-entertainment company Cirque du Soleil has grown into a worldwide success, as well as the largest theatrical producer on the planet. To simultanesouly celebrate the company's success, it's 30th anniversary, and honour the city that started it all, Cirque du Soleil will be performing a special 30th Anniversary Concert this December.

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Photo cred - Aparna B.

73-year-old high-school drama instructor Jacqueline Laurent-Auger, who has been teaching at Brébeuf College for more than a decade, has been fired because of events that took place over 40 years ago. The cause for her termination: acting in "erotic films" in the 1970s.

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Photo cred - Madzilla

E-Cigarettes, which exist in a kind of smoking gray-area at the moment, may finally get official rules and regulations from the provincial government. Fearful of e-cigs in the hands impressionable youths and their unstudied adverse health effects, the use of vaps may become more restricted across the province.

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Photo cred - Cuisine De Rue Montréal

As is now tradition, the inaugural Friday of every month brings together nearly all of Montreal's food trucks in one place, along with live music and entertainment, for an outdoor event that is filled with food and fun. The event, of course, is First Fridays at the Olympic Stadium, and the August edition looks as legit as ever.

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Having a car in Montreal is a luxury most of us don't have. Forced to use more affordable means of transportation, us pedestrians and metro-ers lack the perks a car provides. Busses don't have trunk space, the metro can't bring you exactly where you need to be, and bixis don't protect you against icy winds. Now, thanks to Car2Go, a newly launched automobile service in Montreal, you can have all of the benefits of owning a car, while staying green, and without any of the responsibility or maintenance.

Car2Go is kind of like a city-wide Smart car sharing service. After you sign up for a membership, you can grab a set of wheels at any of the Car2Go stations which are widespread in nearly every district of the city. Drive to work, or drive all day, its pretty much up to you. Sounds like the perfect way to get into the city, go out, get drunk, take a cab back home, and not have to worry about your car.

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