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Premier François Legault's proposed "unvaxxed tax" has been met with support, opposition and now, alternatives. The Médecins québécois pour le régime publique (MQRP), a group of 500 doctors, residents and medical students, have laid out six ways they say the Quebec government can increase vaccination rates without imposing a tax on the unvaccinated.

Their first suggestion is to make the vaccine available in more private and community spaces and without the need for a RAMQ card, such as "in community centres, shelters, places of worship, in people's homes, etc." This would allow people to be vaccinated easily, without a change in their daily routine.

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Premier François Legault's recent announcement that Quebec plans to charge unvaccinated adults a "significant" fee — dubbed the "unvaxxed tax" in English or "vaccimpôt" in French — has sparked controversy among journalists, medical professionals, politicians, and people with Twitter accounts.

While the idea has garnered some support — for instance, Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal president Michel Leblanc called the measure "fair" and said "anything that helps reduce the strain on the healthcare system brings us closer to resuming a return to more normal life" — it has also been fraught with criticism.

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