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mr 63

Montreal in August is a sea of orange cones, as construction season drags on. But behind the dust and detours lies a pot of cultural gold. You may not find a rainbow at the end of the roadworks, but you will find a full spectrum of Pride events.

There's also Orientalys, a melting pot of diverse flavours to tease your palate, and the Scottish Highland Games, with kilts and caber tosses. And let's not forget the epic Italian heritage celebration, taking you through the heart of the Mediterranean without leaving the city.

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Montreal's Griffintown is cooking up a cultural transformation, turning retired STM train cars into a premier dining spot. But don't be fooled by the appetizers on the menu right now — those are just the first course. The MR-63 project, set to hit full steam by 2024, plans to create a thriving hub of art, sustainability, and heritage.

While ground has yet to be broken at Place William Dow, an on-site beer garden-style terrasse is open to the public until the end of October. The boardwalk-like atmosphere serves up coffee, tea and bagels that you can enjoy under a baby blue fabric awning.

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When it comes to traffic in Montreal we always blame construction. But there's another cause we often ignore, the Canadian Pacific rail lines.

Have you ever been stuck in gridlock traffic and wondered why the entire city is heading in the same direction you are? The answer is simple, there are long railways that sometimes literally divide the city in half and there's usually only one or two streets you can take to cross over to the other side.

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When the new AZUR metro cars started rolling onto the tracks, the first question on everyone's mind was: "What the hell are they going to do with all those old metro cars."

First, they wanted to sell them to the public:

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Since the STM announced a plan to repurpose the soon-to-be-defunct MR-63 cars, one question has dominated the minds of Montrealers: how should Montreal reuse the old metro cars?

A full-on call for proposals has been launched by the STM regarding the new life for the old MR-63s, and plenty of articles have already popped up pitching potential ideas, and since we're completely unoriginal, we thought we'd do the same.

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