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new metro

This weekend we spotted a photo on Facebook that looked unusual. No, it wasn't the new USB plugs on the buses or the new live-time display screens.

An AZUR metro train on the green line.  

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Well, it looks like it's finally happening.

The Quebec government just announced that they are going to be prolonging the Blue Line, east of the Saint-Michel station. 

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Back in January, the STM announced that they were removing the much beloved AZUR trains from the metro system. 

The trains were removed because of a problemcaused by of a piece on the bottom of the train was coming into contact with signaling equipment on the track.

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Montreal sure is home to many beautiful and wonderful things! But don't be fooled because our metro is something else! The STM can be pretty crapy especially if you've been taking it your whole like. I mean we basically spend half our life on the metro! That sure does make for a lot of time to think about things since there really isn't much to do on the metro.

You'd also be surprised about how many people have the same thoughts as you on the metro. We have all thought to ourselves why the hell is this person staring at me? or how much time there is between each stop. Well, below you will find some thoughts that we basically all have while on the metro!

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It's almost been two weeks since the STM's new AZUR cars took to the tracks of the city's metro network, a public transit upgrade Montrealers have been waiting on for quite a while. And yet, for most,the AZURs remain a mystery, as only a select few have had the chance to actually ride the new metro cars.

Since there's only one AZUR train currently running on the metro network, it takes a bit of luck to actually get the chance to climb aboard the new model. Unless you're willing to wait a while and catch one, but most of us simply do not have time for that.

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