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Montreal's Old Port has a fresh addition to its already bustling roster of shops and this new spot just might be where you find your sole mate. Felix, a brand-new sneaker store café combo, opened its doors earlier this month and is easily one of the hottest spots to grab a pair of kicks and get your coffee fix.

Located on rue Saint-Paul O., Felix, a concept spearheaded by owners Francesco Abbruzzo and Thomas Vernis, offers Montrealers a unique shopping experience. For those looking for a new pair of shoes, Felix carries all of your fave brands including Nike, Jordan, Adidas, New Balance, and Yeezy, and you can shop for some of the most sought out sneaks all while sipping on a smooth and rich cup of espresso.

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If you're a self-proclaimed sneakerhead, then listen up, because you're bound to get a kick out of this event. Stealz514 is hosting its third sneaker and streetwear sale in Montreal on Saturday, March 4, 2023, and this just might be the perfect time to find your sole mate.

The sneaker event will take place at Ruby Foo's Hotel on boulevard Decarie from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. — giving you six hours of sneaker buying, trading and selling.

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True talk, friends: I am obsessed with Sports Experts. It's probably the only spot I walk into and instantly want to buy. All. The. Things.

Which is exactly why I'm super excited about the brand new Sports Experts in downtown Montreal (930 Saint-Catherine St W). 

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Alright, show of hands: who here loves free stuff? It's okay if your hand is raised right now, guys. It should be. Free stuff is highkey awesome.

Especially around the holidays, when we've pretty much all spent our money on gifts (or festive drinks?) and Christmas parties.

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Winter is coming...Classic heh? No for real, it is coming. Everyone is slowly preparing for the snow, the colds, the intense winds, anything that makes winter such an enjoyable time in Montreal, right?

Every Montrealer is also wondering right now if they're wardrobe will be ready for the season of snow storms. Well, if it isn't yet, here are a few items you actually really need to look good as fvck this winter.

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This story is proof that dreams really do come true. A few years back Nike release the shoes from Back 2 the Future and while they were awesome, they didn't have a self-tying mechanism which was pretty much the whole point of the shoe.

But in honor of Back to the Future day, Nike finally got off their asses and decided to give the people what they want. Actual self-tying Nike Mags.

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Normally we don't write about shoes, but when Nike released a limited edition Habs themed trainer, we just have to let the people know.

They also just released the actual self tying shoes from Back to the Future.

In the 90's Football/Baseball all star Bo Jackson did a Nike advertising campaign called Bo Knows where he was wearing some Montreal Canadiens colored shoes, he even appears in a full Habs uniform.

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Photo Cred - Running Drawing

Running, while keeping you super fit and healthy, isn't the most enjoyable or fun of tasks. Unless you're one of those weird people who actually enjoys putting your body through an hour of torture, running is probably a dreaded workout. San Franciscan Claire Wyckoff decided to change up the running game and make it a lot more fun, by drawing out dicks on her running route.

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StockLogos went and did something really fun, they took popular well known brands and went minimalistic on them. The redesigns although quite simple are remarkably reconisable. It just goes to show that we have been conditioned and wed say almost brainwashed to know what the logos mean even in their most basic form. Take a look what do you think?