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no kliche

Photo cred - Lionel Pierron

April is finally upon us, and the MTL Blog Events team has found a ton of parties for you to celebrate the warmth this weekend. From clothing line's launching their Spring collections, to events that go til 6am on both Friday and Saturday, to another amazing weekend at Newspeak, it is going to be hard to chose what to attend.

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Photo cred - Sylvain Granier

Alright Montreal, are you ready for one helluva week end? One festival ends and there goes another one that begins. Grand Prix was great but now MURAL fest, Beer fest and the FIFA world cup saga are taking over. Don't you worry fellow Montrealers, every hot spot you should be at we got them covered. Here's what's hot this week end.

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In celebration of this years highly anticipated Mural festival, Montreal based producers NoKliché, GrandBuda, and RYAN Playground were brought together by LNDMRK and SaintWoods at SILVERTAG studio to create an ultimate mix for the occasion. Blending their three complimentary yet indivudal styles the group worked diligantly over countless days to produce the 'Mural Mix 2014' highlighting the current sounds of our fair city.

Everyone knows when you put good creative people together amazing things happen and from what we understand once the crew got together they just HAD to create an all original together. The final product is **** heavy, lyrically infused, a banger that is not only original but truly something very enjoyable!

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Photo cred -  Experience Vieux Montreal

So you think because we've had couple of "sort of" cold days, you're not going to party? It's "sort of" cold and you're still going to work! There are no excuses not to party around here. Put on a light jacket, that you probably won't need anyways, and party with us. We didn't come up with this list for nothing, right? This week's hot spots are waiting for you, here's where you should go;

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Photo cred - Sylvain Granier

We got a last taste of snow yesterday with that storm! Hopefully, Winter gave all it's got left and that was the last of it... which would mean Spring is right around the corner. Yeah, that's definitely a reason to celebrate this weekend (In Montreal, anything and everything is a good reason to celebrate - never forget that). Don't let the winter blues get to you, get out there and have some fun. You deserve it. As usual, we have tons of suggestions for you to heat up your weekend:

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It's that time of year again guys: the week-end of L-O-V-E! Either in love or trying something, extremely anti-love...or just loving life and forgetting it was event Valentines day this Friday. Whatever your situation may be, you should make the most of this week-end...Our beautiful city of Montreal is definitely celebrating its relationship with the nightlife. We have tons of events for you to chose from:

Thursday, Feb. 13th

Catch some No Kliché at Velvet Auberge St-Gabriel this Thursday. Their beats are AMAZING, you just can't help but vibe to it. Chill yet intense. On some other level. Jay London and Myfrienderic will also be spinning. View event>

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As Canadians, we definitely know how to brave the winter time. I mean, sure, we like to complain a lot about it too, but we also recognize that the world doesn’t end because of snow, ice, hail, rain, and a polar vortex. Especially when Igloofest is right around the corner. 

Each year, electronic music fans from around the world brave the Montreal winter throughout January and February to watch emerging artists and worldwide renowned names in the industry perform under the stars.

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