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Sales on sales on sales! MAC Cosmetics is stepping up their game to beat Sephora faster than you beat your face this week with their 40% off sale! It's safe to say that everyone wants that new fresh AF makeup look for school but that comes with a cost! Our bank accounts will suffer if we get everything at full price... especially when it's from MAC. But, I have a simple solution and some good news for you!!!

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STOP. DROP. AND GRAB YOUR WALLETS because Aritzia is hosting a mega up to 60% off SALE!!! Aritzia is currently putting all your favorite items on sale! Literally, EVERYTHING is on sale, so for all of you Aritzia lovers, including me, get on their website ASAP or head their downtown Montreal location RIGHT NOW. 

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I love going out to eat. You get treated like royalty and you don't even have to do the dishes afterwards. Nothing about going out to a restaurant in Montreal sucks, except for the little things. Most of the time these things aren't a big deal and you ignore them but every once in awhile they piss you off. Probably more than they should.

Here are some things that have happened to me in various Montreal restaurants over the years.    

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Camo Confession is a series of videos launched by Dermablend Professional in an effort to get us thinking about what beauty truly is and if covering up with all kinds of make up has become too much of an obsessive behaviour in our daily routines.

These videos focus on lovely ladies who share their personal stories and explain how, in this case, make up helps them to embrace who they truly are, rather than to hide away because of their skin conditions.

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Last night Jimmy Fallon started his first ever The Tonight Show appearance with a bang.

Inviting Will Smith for a "The Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing" off was the right move.

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