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If you live in the 514 and you're obsessed with salt-water mollusks, then there's a foodie event coming to town just for you. From October 20 to 30, seafood lovers can spoil their bellies at a low price thanks to the return of the Oystermania festival.

For the 11th edition, 11 eateries will join the celebration to offer deals on oysters and booze. They are:

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Okay, show of hands: who here adores oysters? Is your hand proudly waving in the air right now? Because, TBH, mine is. Oysters are bae.

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Tomorrow marks the the start of Oystermania and to celebrate, you'll get to take advantage of some pretty amazing deals. Starting Friday, September 18th until the 25th, you can get 12 oysters and an alcoholic beverage for only 10$.

Considering the drink alone is normally $10, this a pretty sweet deal. You have your choice of beer, vodka, gin, rum or wine and some restaurants will be offering special signature cocktails.

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Starting today, Montreal mollusk-lovers can slurp-up delicious oysters for cheap over the course of the next week or so. Yep, from April 10-16, Oystermania is taking over the city with a amazing deals on everyone's favourite salt-water aphrodisiacs.

The very first of its kind, Oystermania is a simple, but divine concept that's going to make your 5 à 7's just that much better. A $10 coupon gets you a dozen fresh oysters (house choice) and a one alcoholic beverage (!). That's a good deal by any standard. Bare in mind, there's a one coupon per restaurant limit, and reservations are a must.

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