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Every girl loves to feel beautiful, but sometimes we also want to feel sexy! Not just for that special someone in our life, but also for ourselves. So, since Valentine's day is right around the corner, why not hit up some stores in Montreal where you can get your girlfriend some sexy lingerie!

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For all those boyfriends out there who are struggling to find that Christmas gift for their girlfriend, don’t worry, I got you. You honestly can’t go wrong by getting that special someone a perfect gift from Victoria's Secret. Not only is it just your girlfriend’s favorite store, but it also holds the most gorgeous lingerie!

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A quick reminder - last October, Chapters announced it was closing upto make way for a 35,000+ square foot Victoria's Secret mega store on the corner of Stanley and St. Catherine. After countless months of renovations, the most anticipated store of the year is finally opening its doors to welcome Montreal's lingerie-hungry customers tomorrow, December 10th, 2015.

The opening date totally makes sense given that Victoria's Secret fashion show aired this Tuesday December 8. After seeing gorgeous VS angels strutting the catwalk in New York City, we can't wait to get our hands on the sexiest lingerie sets tomorrow! Yes, girl, finally!

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Here's an idea that would have seemed a lot weirder a year ago.

A Montreal man on craigslist is offering $100 for your used panties. Sure it's creepy as fuck, but ever since the last season of Orange is the New Black, people have been desensitized to the idea. That's because the entire plot revolves around inmates selling their used panties for money on the internet.

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