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pet adoption

Did you know it takes longer to find homes for black cats than for any other feline? The Montreal Animal Rescue Network made the claim in an October 28 tweet aiming to attract the attention of Montrealers in need of a furry feline friend to cuddle with this winter and beyond.

The no-kill shelter said that it will feature a different adoptable black cat every day until Halloween. So, hopefully, some loving witches and sorcerers will find their perfect purring match this spooky season.

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A real-life CatDog duo is currently at the Montreal SPCA, and they are looking for a place to call home. The SPCA shared a post on its Instagram page on February 2 of the cutest cat and dog duo that is in need of a new human companion.

The animal charity introduced dog Paige and her cat friend Lady.

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Anyone who has pets will know that they're more than just a four-legged roommate — they're loyal companions.

Furry friends are there to comfort you, help you cope with life's ups and downs, make you laugh and ensure you're never without company. Dr. Rebecca De Arburn Parent knows this to be true. Her two adopted pets, Barbie and Fugueuse, help make her house a home.

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There's always been a debate about whether dogs or cats are better pets for humans. There's dog people and there's cat people and only some people call themselves both. 

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