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Yesterday there was an incredible sunset over Montreal. We posted a photo from Steve Walsh Photography and you guys responded by posting all your pictures in the thread below and before we knew it, we had one from almost every borough in the city. We wanted to thank you so we decided to post them here for everyone to enjoy.

Photo cred - Ricky Patel

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Scott Kelly is an American astronaut who has been on a year long mission to the international space station since March.

As the were passing above Montreal, Kelly snapped a picture and tweeted it at about 9:00 am.

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Okay so maybe it wasn't a miracle, but it was really confusing. I was walking my dog on Prince Arthur and when I got to the corner of Saint-Urbain I noticed a pair of perfectly good crutches left leaning against a bench. I looked around to see who they belonged to but there was no one near them. I strolled around for a few minutes to see if anyone would come by to pick them up, but no one did. (they were still there 3 hours later)

All I kept thinking was: "Did some guy just magically realize he could walk and decided to ditch his crutches?" It's not like someone would just throw them out (and if they did, they wouldn't just lean them against a random bench and walk away). You can't exactly forget your crutches either, that's like leaving the house with only 1 shoe on. Much like crutches, you'll realize something's missing after you take your first step. So it's either a miracle or he got kidnapped and thrown into an unmarked van "Old School" style.

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Photo cred - ameliemtl

Here’s your weekly dose of Instagram greatness Montreal! Every week MtlBlog will be stalking your Instagram pics looking for the greatest pictures of this city! Wanna make the cut? Just take a picture and hashtag it with #MTLblog. The best picture will be featured in our next gallery. Check out who made the cut this week.

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