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pikolo espresso bar

Montreal is home to so many fabulous cafés, some so good that they should definitely be on your Montreal café bucket list.

While it can be tough to pick just one to visit, the range of options in this city is a reason for joy when you seek out your caffeine fix.

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There's nothing better than a good ol' cup of joe to start the morning, and there's no place better to get one than Montreal. Chic decor, expert staff, and delectable coffee come together to create cafes so charming you'll be hard pressed to leave. Some of the very best of these coffee houses are right in the middle of it all - downtown Montreal. From latte art that rivals the Mona Lisa to gourmet blends that will make your taste buds sing, these ten cafes represent the best of Montreal's downtown coffee shops.

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Photo cred - Traciw

Soy milk is for basic betches (not a typo). There, I said it. As much as I love a big bowl of vanilla soy milk with my cereal, when it comes to coffee, the mighty almond beats the plain old soy bean every time. Lighter, frothier when steamed, and lacking any weird aftertaste, almond milk is the perfect latte-liquid, better even, perhaps, to cow's milk.

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Photo cred - Ed Hawco

Even though the weather’s finally starting to feel like summer in Montreal, it’s still a fine time to enjoy a hot beverage. There are lots of tasty warm drinks, but the delicious combination of espresso and steamed milk make the latte one of our favorites. Here are the best ones you’ll find in town.

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