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Wait, What? 

No seriously. Weed won't be legalized until next year, but CASTA, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority are saying that starting next week, it will be possible to bring weed with you on an airplane when arriving to Canada, without having to worry about getting arrested. 

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Do you ever just scroll through your featured news feed and see the same people exploring the world all the time with AMAZING pictures? When you click on their profile, you expect them to be famous and from California, but the truth is that they are from Montreal and have given up everything to become famous Instagram travel bloggers. 

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If you already miss summer 2016, then it's time to get planning for summer 2017! You might be saying that our dollar is super shitty but it's not when you decide to travel to one of the magical destinations below! Not only can you explore, but you can do so on a cheap budget!

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Hugh Hefner is a man of impeccable taste ... or extremely tacky taste depending on who you ask. But one thing you have to admit is, the man knows how to live the life of luxury. In the 1960's, Hef bought an airplane, put $5 millions dollars of custom work into it and he named it: The Big Bunny.

The flight attendants were called "Jet Bunnies", it had spotlights so you could see it flying at night and it was the first plane to be painted black. Hef even had to get special approval from the government to do so. The Jet was equiped with a living room, a conference hall, a private bedroom, a powder room, a shower, a bar, 2 film projectors and a motha fuckin' discotheque!

You know the expression: Getting high on life? Well unfortunately some people build up a tolerance to life. Some people seize the day, but after awhile they have to seize 2 or 3 days just to get the same buzz.

That's pretty much what happened to this guy who decided skydiving was a little too boring, so instead he decided to jump out of a plane with no parachute. Let's just hope his friend catches him.

Canada Day is approaching super quickly. The summer has just been flying by, and you (like most of us) may not be ready for the festivities. Well, we think there is no better way to celebrate the birth of our nation, then to appreciate it in all it's glory. We've come up with some last minute travel plans that will take you around the country, so you can celebrate Canada Day somewhere new!

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Photo cred - KusjeJackie

Look outside, it's snowing again and although we love Montreal, we definitely have an issue with Mother Nature right now. So take a small break from your city, it will be good for you and it will strengthen your relationship with Montreal. Or you could just use the above statement as an excuse to get the hell out of here for a little while.

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