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Election posters get defaced every year in Montreal. But most of the time, the "artists" gives the person on the poster a black tooth or an eye patch or a Hitler mustache. But this year, people are going a lot further and ditching the black magic markers for more hilarious alternatives.

There was of course the epic Star Trek and Quaker Oatmeal posters that popped up over the weekend:

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Here's something you don't see every day, Canadian recruitment and propaganda posters from World War I. But what makes these posters interesting is the fact that they all all meant to recruit soldier from Montreal. Various battalions and regiments all posted these signs in order to recruit as many young men as they could and their tactics and rather savvy.

They use high ranking generals as "poster boys" and show you how you can be part of their famous and glorious regiments. They try to make you identify with a particular group so you'll help out your buddies, so whether you're Irish, Jewish, French or even an athlete or a truck driver, they've got the right regiment for you.

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Photo cred - griangrafphotograph

It may be a dying medium, but there is nothing quite like the tangible sound of musical grooves pressed on to vinyl records. Nowadays, you're hard-pressed to even find a computer with a CD-ROM drive. Regardless of how you choose to consume your music in the 21st Century, all you audiophiles, old-school DJ's and collectors rejoice! Because there is an upcoming Record Convention happening in Montreal this spring.

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With the heat of the Quebec elections fast approaching, Montrealers appear to have very mixed feelings. The uneasiness and worry about their future city has caused several residents to take their creativity to the election posters all around the city. Pauline Marois, Amir Khadir, Gerry Skalvounos, Manon Masse, Daniel Breton, if you can name them, they've most probably been defaced with a marker and more.

Check out the defacements of Quebec's elected candidates:

Which defacements have you seen around the city?

Unless you've been living under a rock, tomorrow is finally the release date of what is undeniably 2013's BIGGEST game, Grand Theft Auto V. With a budget of $265 Million, it is the most expensive video game produced of all time. It also had a budget greater than any movie in history, save one - Pirates of the Caribbean 3, which holds the top spot at $300 Million.

Reviews will be flooding the internet today, and the hype could not be greater! The game's map is said to be over three times as big as the game's predecessor's in 2009's Grand Theft Auto IV. In less than 24 hours you can be playing the single player campaign, with the multiplayer, dubbed "GTA Online", available two weeks later at no extra charge. Also, it's important to note that GTA V will be available for PS3 and XBOX 360 only, no next-gen consoles.

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