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pot holes

[This article has recently been updated]

Montreal's infrastructure is nothing to brag about, especially when you see how dilapidated certain areas are. But at least there's always one place that looks great no matter how old and worn out it gets: Old Montreal.

The historic buildings, the narrow streets, the tiny shops and of course, the cobble stone streets. It's what gives Old Montreal its distinct character. The cobblestones are a unique feature that was kept for a reason, it's part of our patrimony.

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For the last two years, the West Island has enjoyed the classiness-boosting presence of their own Lamborghin dealership. Fortunately, thanks to the summer car shows Lamborghini Montreal hosts every summer, the ritzy car vibes have been shared with the entire island of Montreal.

But now you can take in the swag of high-end luxury sports cars day in and day out, if you have the qualifications, that is, because Lamborghini MTL is now hiring.

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There is a reason I don't drive, or ride a bike, or skateboard, longboard, rollerblade etc. One, I'm clumsy as all hell and shouldn't be trusted around anything with wheels. Two, the roads in Montreal are absolutely atrocious. Honestly, everywhere you look there is uneven ground littered with giant potholes. It just looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

People react to potholes differently. Some avoid them while driving, others complain to their city reps, others draw penises around them to gain attention. However, I think the most efficient means so far, is the recent trend that's been popping up around the U.S.

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Jay-Z was on to something when he coined the now-iconic hook of the classic "99 Problems." Mr. Zed may have thought his catchy phrase would stay in the realm of hip-hop, but as all Montrealers know, we got our own list of issues, and a bitch (male and female) definitely is one, or maybe two. Okay, like four.

We love Montreal more than anyone, but sometimes you just gotta vent and call out the shit that riles up some anger, so to better appreciate the awesome aspects of the city. All that pent up frustration is coming out, one at a time 'til we hit 99.

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