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poutine centrale

Alright, if you've been in Montreal for any length of time, then you know one thing: poutine is everywhere.

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Alright, you guys, poutines are life. Let's all just admit it. There is nothing on this earth like a warm, cheesy, tasty poutine.

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Okay, guys, at this stage in the game, I think you all pretty much know that in Montreal, poutine is life. It's so popular that it's pretty much impossible not to find a restaurant that serves up this infamous Quebec dish, just like it's also impossible to eat a bad poutine. Think about it, friends. What's not to love? Cheese? Good. Gravy? Good. Fries? Good!

While that's true, there also happen to be a select few restaurants in Montreal that stand out for their highkey beyond amazing poutines. Having a bit of trouble locating them? No worries, guys. That's what I'm here for. Oh, and keep in mind that this list is simply a list, and not a ranking. Don't get distracted by the numbers. Just know all the spots here are equally delicious.

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Okay, straight up, it's poutine season. I know I say that a lot - because, truthfully, every season is poutine season - but there's just something about springtime in Montreal that makes you crave a poutine. And, sure, a classic poutine is awesome and all... but sometimes, you want something fresher. Something smokier. Something that straight up evokes the feelings of spring in Montreal. Confused as to what I'm talking about? Well, don't be. Read on for 12 Montreal Poutines You Need To Eat This Spring 2016.

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