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Although it's much different than past years, Montreal's La Poutine Week 2021 is finally here — which means Montrealers can chow down on some of the wildest, most original, most outrageous and most delicious poutines our city has ever seen.

If you're participating in the festival, which runs until February 7 via a combination of SkipTheDishes deliveries and online voting, then here are 14 poutines (out of 70 local options) you'll definitely want to try this week. Only one poutine will be declared the winner, but we hope many of these delectable creations become permanent menu items. 

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I don’t even know why anyone would want to leave Montreal in the first place, but hey YOU! Yes, I am talking to the person who is thinking of leaving this truly amazing city. I am not sure if you ate too many poutines or got stuck in too much traffic because of construction, but you will regret leaving!

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Montreal sure is one hell of a city and honestly I can't imagine what it would be like to move away from it! It may happen one day that I leave this beautiful city but there are so many things that I would miss! Down below is a list that composes of all the superb things one would miss if, or if they already have, left Montreal.

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Photo cred - Philippe Savoie

Montreal's favourite burgers just got wheels. Fresh on the streets of Montreal is Dic Ann's brand spanking new food truck, ready to serve you the iconic and beloved flat-bun beef burgers all summer long.

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