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prince arthur

It's been two long years since the Plateau decided to revamp Prince Arthur street, but when you look at what the street looks like today, it appears as though Montreal has REALLY fucked up again!

The plans to revitalize the area weren't exactly ambitious. All they had to do was repave the street, add a few wooden benches, and plant a few trees.

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As an Ontario-transplant, I've only been privy to the magic of Montreal for the last seven years. During that time, at no point did I really pay much attention to or think of Prince Arthur as anything more than a simple street in the Plateau.

Yes, I was quite aware Prince Arthur was a pedestrian-only zone, one that held a few restaurants and a couple bars, but never did I think the street was special in any way. If anything, I thought (and still believe) Prince Arthur was quite barren, unattractive, and irrelevant in comparison to other commercial strips.

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Christmas in Montreal is going to be bigger and better than ever before, in no small part thanks to the very first "Marché de Noël" to be set up along Prince-Arthur street this season. From the corner of Saint-Laurent all the way to the Square Saint Louis, Prince-Arthur will be decked out in all things Xmas-y, bringing on the seasonal cheer in more ways than one.

Said to be a "true Christmas market," the Marché de Noël Prince-Arthur will house a variety of vendors, including a place to pick out your own tree!

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A brand new public market will be making its way to Montreal very soon. As part of a project to revitalize the struggling pedestrian area on Prince Arthur, the city is planning for there to be a weekly farmers' market every Thursday, 3pm to 7pm, from August 13 until October 15.

There will be 15 booths each week, with everything from bakers, to gardeners to butchers, and beekeepers. And if there's enough interest from the public, which there should be since there aren't any markets particularly close to the lower Plateau, permanent infrastructure for the market will be installed.

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Photo cred - Boris Halas

Get a little silly as artists beautify the city at Mural Fest's Block Party on St. Laurent and Prince Arthur.

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We are almost 2014 but before we jump into a new year let's take a nice vintage/retro look back on how Montreal used to look like. We were quite taken a back when you see several of these past vs. present pics. Some look almost untouched by time and others, well you'll see for yourself. Take a look and enjoy the trip down memory lane.

Click here see Montreal Past Vs. Present >

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