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prison garde

This weekend, Montreal has a huge variety of events -- from a student run Graffiti party to Berlin techno, and Les Nocturnes du Mac at the Contemporary Art Museum to Jazz & Illa. We, at MTL Blog Eventshope that you get out of the house to hit up these events even if you have exams around the corner or the weather isn't as Springy as you had hoped.

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Photo Cred - Super Party Factory

This year, once again, Montreal is host to Igloofest, an outdoor electronic music festival like no other. Montrealers and electronic music fans from all around the world brave winter every year to dance and see perform international and local artists under the Montreal's beautiful sky.

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Photo Cred -PartyWithSylvain

Montreal, this is it. The weekend is right to your door and your nightlife opportunities have never been this good. Montreal venues and promoters have bangers from Thursday to Sunday for you. Grab your phone, gmail calendar or even a pencil if that's what you are into because you'll need to take notes for this. We make sure you guys have fun, the ''TURN UP typa fun''. Grab three coats or take a cab because even if it's freezing outside, MTL Blog knows where it will be hot hot hot this weekend.

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Imagine four days of parties, music and talent featuring some of your favorite local and international DJ's and producers. Dream no more, because Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp is bringing just that to Montreal.

Haven't heard about Red Bull's Music Academy? The institution provides producers, engineers, vocalists, songwriters, instrumentalists, DJs and producers with an opportunity to gain hands on experience and involvement in the evolution of music. This year, Red Bull Music Academy is taking Montreal by storm.

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