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quebec flood

The Island of Montreal is currently under a rainfall warning, which was issued by Environment Canada in the early morning of April 23, 2023. A total rainfall amount of 40 millimetres is expected until Monday morning.

The federal weather department said that localized flooding in low-lying areas is possible due to the excess rainfall. The city of Montreal has identified eight zones across the island that are most at risk for flooding.

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Montreal received a large amount of rain over the last two days, causing flooding across many parts of the city, including Square-Victoria–OACI metro station. The storm may have come and gone over the 514, but seven regions across Quebec are still under a mix of weather warnings by Environment Canada, including rainfall, wind and storm surge alerts.

In the remote town of Fermont in the distant Côte-Nord region, the federal weather agency has issued both a rainfall and wind warning calling for 90 km/h gusts from Wednesday evening into Thursday morning. "Wind warnings are issued when there is a significant risk of damaging winds" that could toss around loose objects and debris.

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We found the setting for the next cheesy horror movie exposing the psychological turmoil behind the sheen of the suburban lifestyle. This $300,000 Quebec home might look like just another prefab to the average pedestrian, but on the inside, it looks more like the aftermath of a blast.

The listing for the 12-room semi-detached house in Hull describes the interior as a "war zone." Realtor Jimmy Arsenault told Le Droit that its current state is the result of water damage following a burst pipe in freezing temperatures.

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The flooding in Quebec has gotten out of control.

Municipalities are extending the state of emergency, at least one victim is confirmed, thousands of people have been forced to abandon their homes and according to Phillippe Couillard, it might take until the end of May before things get back to normal. 

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