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quebec gun violence

Montreal police have a new initiative to address gun violence in Montreal. At a joint press conference at City Hall on Monday, Mayor Valérie Plante and SPVM Deputy Director Vincent Richer announced the launch of a special forum on armed violence.

This forum will "bring together institutional and community decision-makers to make joint commitments based on a concerted strategy," according to an SPVM press release.

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Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante, accompanied by the mayors of Quebec's other four major cities, put out a statement on Tuesday imploring the Federal government to make a "firm commitment" to fight gun violence and gun trafficking.

"What we want is a clear plan [...] either we head towards an American-style society where the use of guns becomes banal and tragedies happen daily or the federal [government] takes responsibility" and acts on the issue, Plante said at a press conference.

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At a press conference on Wednesday, Mayor Valérie Plante and Deputy Premier Geneviève Guilbault announced a partnership between the provincial and municipal police forces to combat gun violence in Montreal and prevent firearms trafficking.

The response comes after three people were killed in a shooting at a Rivière-des-Prairies apartment building on Monday night. Two other victims were injured in the shooting.

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