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quebec provincial elections

Montreal's indie music festival may be many months away, but that hasn't stopped Pop Montreal from joining in the provincial election pandemonium to get your attention.

To promote Pop Montreal 2014 the festival has started a campaign of their own. "Bienvenue à tous!" is Pop Montreal's new Charter of Values series of posters both promoting this year's event, while charmingly satirizing the PQ's controversial bill.

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Round two of the provincial elections debates went down last night, and the only people more harsh to the candidates than each other were the many Montrealers on Twitter.

The city (those who weren't watching the Habs game) had some pretty sassy remarks and comments on the whole kerfuffle that was last night's debate. Here were the best:

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Photo cred - Micheline Walker

Tonight is the watch the two-hour debate between Quebec's provincial election leaders, and the claws have already come out. Premier-hopefuls couldn't wait until 8pm tonight to start bashing each other.

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Photo cred - Radio Canada Info

After only 19 months since the last provincial election, Quebec Premiere Pauline Marois has dissolved the PQ minority government and sent the province into election-mode. Gearing towards this election (that everyone saw coming) a swirl of issues has sprung up in Quebec, adding fuel to the campaigns of the major parties.

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