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red velvet

No longer limited to the mighty cupcake, Red Velvet has transcended into all realms of desserts, from full-on cakes to macarons to milkshakes. Of course, the Red Velvet cupcake is still the original, but all of those cocoa-and-cream-cheese-creations simply give the Red Velvet lover more to choose from when experiencing a craving.

And there are a lot of us Red Velvet addicts out there. In fact, if you don't count yourself among the many RV-loving people in Montreal, you're probably dating one. Seriously, Red Velvet is so wildly loved that there's a 74.7% (this figure stems from no factual evidence) chance your significant other recognizes the flavour as their absolute favourite.

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Photo cred - Bohemian Romance

Comforting or incredibly caffeinated, that's the choice most of us coffee drinkers go through every morning when choosing our first brew of the day. Is it a Starbucks kind of day, where you get an overly sweet but oh-so-delicious flavoured latte, or is it a no frills/get down to business morning where all you want is straight espresso or black coffee. With Red Velvet coffee you get both.

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Mornings shouldn't start with any food-fibs, so we're going to break it to you right now: the tasty treats above and below are technically not croissants. Yes, they're all rolled up and look like the flaky pastry, but in truth, the mini red delights are rugelach, a type of cookie. We made the same mistake, although we're sticking to our first impression because you can get away with a croissant for breakfast, a cookie not so much.

For those unaware, a rugelach is an Eastern European cookie (shaped like a crescent/croissant, obvi) that is not very sweet, and usually filled with nuts, sugar + cinnamon, or as is common in North America, cream cheese. In line with Red Velvet tradition, and the continent's preference, these crimson treats have a decadent cream cheese filling.

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Few types of cake/cupcakes are more iconic than Red Velvet. A traditional Southern dish, Red Velvet (yes, I do consider it a proper noun) is typically a cocoa-flavoured cake dyed red with food colouring and topped and layered with a cream cheese icing. The cupcake format is more dominant today, but many variations have been made to the recipe ingredient-wise too.

Montreal has many a bakery that make an epic RV, some in forms you wouldn't think possible. Read on and find out where you can find the raddest of Red Velvet in Montreal.

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