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In the realm of r/Place, Reddit's second annual pixel brawl, the section staked out by Quebec is looking less like a chaotic battleground and more like an 8-bit homage to provincial pride.

The pixel playground kicked off its 2023 edition on July 20 with a new twist. Reddit introduced a "pin" feature, allowing subreddit moderators to mark specific coordinates on the canvas. The upgrade aids in rallying their communities, guiding them toward a common goal or location.

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If you're feeling the wrath of inflation across Canada, you're certainly not alone. A Canadian newcomer took to Reddit seeking advice on how to save money on groceries and the replies poured in with solid advice.

User Alternative_Role_384 took to the r/PersonalFinanceCanada subreddit to ask "How [can I] spend less on groceries?" Turns out, the newcomer asked on behalf of his family of two who emigrated from Europe and simply hasn't been able to grasp grocery shopping in Canada just yet.

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The Montreal versus Toronto debate is nothing new, but for those of us who live in these two cities, the arguments also never get old. We Montrealers love it when we top Toronto in rankings — as we did in this one highlighting the best spots across Canada to move to — and we love every chance to explain our superiority.

So, when one Redditor created a thread asking folks which city they should move to, the replies didn't disappoint. The Reddit post, created by the user u/groz_v, asked which of the two cities is best when it comes to particular criteria, including making friends, good transportation, affordable housing, and affordable universities, to name a few.

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It's safe to say Montreal has got being cool down to a science. City dwellers across the world might try hard to concoct their own formulas for "cool," but few can compete with Montreal's distinct and buzzy style chemistry. To any average visitor, that effervescent charm and sophistication can seem like some intimidating magic.

A post by Reddit user and U.S. resident u/010kindsofpeople dared to ask why.

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By the time the last square was filled on Reddit's collective online mural, r/place, Quebecois history and culture featured prominently at the centre of the canvas. Poutine, maple syrup, and even traffic cones meshed together to make a quirky 8-bit tribute to La Belle Province.

Redditors from all over the world banded together for four days at the start of April to fill a blank, four-million square pixel grid with competing artworks.

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Most might hope to find buried treasure in their homes. But one local homeowner's discovery was a bit more (potentially) explosive. In a viral Reddit post, a user said he found an undetonated artillery shell in his Montreal house while digging.

"Found this while renovating. Any idea? Bomb squad on the way," the user, who goes by Clark Harrison on Reddit, captioned the post.

The post has received over 20,000 upvotes.

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Whenever I see stripper, I ask myself 2 questions.

1. How much for a lap dance?

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You got to hand it to straight men, for while they may have been the cause of almost every awful thing to ever happen in human history, they have created some pretty stellar pieces of culture. Case in point: cheesy pick up lines.

Yes, the women reading may find these overused phrases, meant specifically to get into their pants, incredibly annoying and more than a little depressing, but they are funny. Well, at least when you're not on the receiving end.

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"When sorry seems to be the hardest word."

Starring Eoin and Niall.

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Urban Dictionary is well known for giving modern time terms the proper definition they deserve. Everybody has used it at least once in their life to know the meaning of weird terms some people use. UD has helped not just a few of us.

Today, Reddit user Canlox pointed out how perfectly accurate the top description of Montreal is on UD and we found it absolutely hilarious.

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If you have internet access, then you're either aware of reddit or you've at least heard that name in the past. Reddit is a massive online community who post and share links with each other across different message boards called "subreddits." These groups are moderated and run by thousands of unpaid volunteers who spends hours of their own time ensuring everything runs smoothly. Some of the  bigger subreddits such as /r/IAMA often involve members of the Reddit administration.

On Thursday July 2nd, the moderators of /r/IAMA (the most popular subreddit on the whole site) decided to set their group to private, meaning only the moderators would have access to its content. This group has over 8 million subscribers and shutting it down, even for a day causes a massive drop in traffic on reddit, which is bad for their pocket books. But why would the moderators do that?

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Fade in. Imagine a Montreal style Tinder date. You know, the low to mid-range coffee shop, a shanty table in the corner, and two seemingly normal people who, deep down, are hornier than you could possibly imagine.

I've seen these dates a thousand times before, and they always give me a good chuckle. Not out of pity or anything (people gotta get laid after all) but because of the sheer uncomfortably repressed urges that are brought out. People are weird already. Now throw sex and feelings into the mix, and you've got yourself a fresh batch of awkward.

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