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The world has been a little tense lately, to say the least. The US hates their leader, people are freaking out about the French elections, the UK is leaving the EU, and Scotland wants to leave the UK. 

With this much uncertainty, a lot of new random alliances are being proposed between various counties and states. 

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Scotland is preparing for a 2nd referendum to leave the UK, and one Canadian author named Ken McGoogan believes that if that happens, Scotland should become a part of Canada

We already invited California to join us when trump got elected, but that didn't work out. 

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It may be a crazy idea, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

There is a new political party in British Columbia called the Vancouver Island Party, and their mandate is simple:

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Last week we made a pretty surprising discovery.

Everyone knows about the OQLF, but did you know that Quebec actually has an OQLA? (Office Quebecois de la Langue Anglaise)

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Photo cred - Songquan

To shed some light on a controversial topic, musician Jonathan Emile has created a very compelling piece all about Quebec independence, and the inherent issues and tensions of the separation debate.

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Referendum-talk has become the headline single on the provincial election soundtrack, and it's been way overplayed. One key note we haven't heard regarding Quebec independence, and the most important is:

How can Montreal benefit?

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The ongoing provincial elections has prompted a lot of Quebec independence-talk. Quebec's secession is one of the major platform points of the PQ and Québec solidaire, and yet no real plan or logistics have been covered in the slightest.

Rather than wait on Quebec's politicians, the True North Times decided to make "The (Hypothetical) Republic of Quebec" infographic. Reasonable and well thought out, the infographic gives a likely reality of an independent Quebec nation.

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François Legault and Philippe Couillard, leaders of the CAQ and Liberal parties, respectively, don't want to talk about a referendum for Quebec's independence, yet they can't stop yapping about it. Denis Coderre, and Quebec's other mayors, are fed up.

Legault criticized his competitors for not being able to talk about anything but Quebec sovereignty...right after telling the Gazette how he would vote if the referendum came about and his personal plans for Quebec's future.

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The First Nations communities of Quebec have made their opinion on Quebec's independence quite clear: if Quebec separates, the First Nations people and their territories will not be joining the province.

Ghislain Picard, chief of the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador told the Calgary Herald that First Nations "have the right to self-determination and this right is not negotiable...Quebec...cannot claim sovereignty over a territory which is still, fundamentally, First Nation."

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