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Something that I have learned with age is that unfortunately the word 'Love' is often greatly misunderstood or simply over used or even sometimes used incorrectly.

With this in mind I would like you to think about what you are trying to say when you tell someone you love them. I used to say it all the time, and still do say it a lot to some extent, but now my intentions and its meaning have changed for me and become so much more. I have also learnt that it is so much more important to show someone than simply just say it.

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Even though I've written a few a lot of posts about chivalry being dead, I actually think Montreal gentlemen still exist. There aren't many representatives of this this rare breed, but they do exist, ladies. They do, I promise you, so have faith.

Meeting a Montreal gentleman will completely sweep you off your feet, you'll know when you meet one. I decided to compile a list of things that make me realize that I'm dealing with the best of the best (i.e. a real Montreal gentleman). I'm certain that a lot of women will agree with me on these points.

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If you work at an office, you obviously understand the multiple struggles of having to deal with shit things that happen between 9am and 5pm. It ain't easy, let me tell ya. Many times we feel like going ape shit on our coworkers because they're just plain ridiculous. So it got me thinking - why not write an Office Bible that everyone can to abide by. Print this baby out and stick it on a wall in your office where everyone can see it. Take a quick pic with your phone of the "10 Commandments of Working At An Office" and hashtag it #MTLblogmademedoit. The best photo will get a repost on our Insta account @mtlblog. Have fun with it! This will for sure make your day go faster, so you're welcome.

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I'll get straight to the point here - Montreal guys have forgotten what it is to be a gentleman. I'm not going to generalize and say ALL Montreal men lack basic etiquette and chivalry, but from my experience, most guys do seem to forget these two things.

I'm going to run you through a couple of scenarios that will most probably sound very familiar.

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