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Alright, friends, it's almost the end of summer and the new school year has just begun, which means that there are a bunch of awesome new restaurants in Montreal to discover this fall!

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Ah yes, all of our wishes are finally coming true as Montreal opens an all new authentic Moroccan restaurant! Both authentic in decor and food, this new restaurant will transport you across the sea to the beautiful country of Morocco. 

via @withlove_claudja

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Kinoya Izakaya is the japanese bistro you just can't miss out on. The pub/resto/bistro is located 4250 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2K8.

As soon as you step in the spot, you will be properly welcomed by their wonderful staff and placed into what could be called one of the most insane bistro environment available in Montreal.

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Gin & tonic is an extremely popular mix. Montreal is lucky to have so many great places to get the perfect gin & tonic drink.

From Le Pourvoyeur to Big In Japan Bar, discover with me your new places to grab a drink with your friends or loved ones !

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