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revenu quebec job

Do you want Revenu Québec to pay you for a change? The agency that collects provincial taxes has entered a phase of "intense recruiting" throughout the province, with several open jobs in Montreal and Laval. You could score a job with an enviable salary in various sectors, such as customer service, information technology and accounting.

At the time of writing, there are 14 job opportunities on Montreal Island, including postings for an administrative support technician, storage clerk and driver, legal assistant, professional in tax investigations, and business analyst. Revenu Québec is also accepting applications for internships and student jobs.

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It's time to brush off those resumes. Revenu Québec is looking to fill several positions in and around Montreal, and the jobs offer quite competitive salaries.

Revenu Québec states that they offer potential employees a "dynamic, collaborative and equitable work environment, where each person has the opportunity to grow and achieve." If this lines up with what you're looking for, and the job hunt has been tiring you out, then take a look at these available positions and apply away!

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