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sala rossa

Montreal’s incredible nightlife scene means that there are some pretty great drinks out there. Still, out of all of these tasty beverages, our favourite very well might be the mojito. Its delicious combination of rum, mint, and simple syrup makes for a sweet and refreshing concoction. Montreal bars have lots of different takes on this cocktail, and, as we found, many succeeded with their experiments. Here are Montreal’s best mojitos.

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Since it's first year in 2006, M For Montreal has grown from a small-time weekend festival that highlights our best underground musicians, to a world renown, year-long presentation of showcases throughout the world. You can catch them at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, South by Southwest in Austin, Ice Airwaves in Reykjavik, Iceland, and Festival les Inrocks in Paris (among many others).

Founded by Sebastien Nasra (Avalanche Productions) in collaboration with Martin Elbourne (legendary British festival programmer for Glastonbury, The Great Escape, WOMAD co-founder), M For Montreal is now known to bring MTL and Canadian music to the spotlight all over the world.

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