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sexual harassment

We live in a fascinating time. A time where Day Of The Dead costumes are considered offensive, a time where questioning popular opinions makes you intolerant, and a time where "manspreading" is considered sexual harassment. 

In case you are unfamiliar with the term, "manspreading" or "mansitting" is  the practice of sitting in a public transport with your legs wide apart, often covering more than one seat and inadvertently putting your crotch on display for the world to see. 

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As a man, I have never really experienced any form of street harassment, a common occurrence for a large number of women in any community. Truthfully, I never really "got" the problem. I mean, someone who compliments you on the street is doing just that, complimenting you, and that's a good thing right? After seeing the video below, I started to grasp the issue, and what a problem streetcalling really is for women in modern society.

Titled "10 Hours of Walking In NYC as a Woman," the 2-minute film is exactly that, with 24-year-old Shoshana B Roberts recorded by a hidden camera as she walks the streets of New York City. In the span of 10 hours Roberts received over 100 comments "complimenting" her physical appearance, winks, whistles, and other non-verbal signals notwithstanding.

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Photo cred - Bob Beyer

You open the door, and enter an enclosed space where one person dictates your fate, as they pilot two tonnes of steel, with you left completely helpless in the back seat. A little over dramatic, but that is essentially the situation each and every time you get into a cab in Montreal.

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