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Although there’s been a rise in body positivity and self acceptance over the last few years, women are still made to feel insecure about their bodies by the media. One of the most common physical attributes women are made to feel bad about are their breasts. Women are frequently made to feel that the smaller their boobs, the less attractive they are. Which is ridiculous!

Not only are small breasts beautiful too, but they come with some surprising benefits you may not have been aware of. So if you were looking for a few more reasons to love your boobs, here’s ten.

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It's officially summer! The sun out the temperatures are hot and the eccentric Montrealers are out in full force. Yes, today is definitely the day to leave your jacket behind and take a nice long walk in a T-shirt, just because you can. Some Montrealers however have clearly been missing the warm weather more than others. Which is the case for this fine gentleman who just couldn't wait to return to full-on summer mode so he decided that a t-shirt and shoes were unacceptable on a day like today.

You gotta give it to him though, this guy has zero fvcks to give. But that's because he's too busy getting his base tan on and avoiding sharp objects on the sidewalk. In any case, this guy takes summer very seriously.

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Music legends Daft Punk recently unveiled their new series of retro nostalgic 1970's themed ads to promote their entire new line of t-shirts, belt buckles and other things.

The old school mag ads really do look the business in our opinion.

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