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On Saturday December 19th, at exactly 1pm, you will be able to enjoy the tremendous amount of fun winter activities available for you at the Olympic Stadium.

Winter is pretty bad, but when you got amazing villages built by your wonderful city, can't say much.

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Photo cred - Michael Vesia

Strapping on hard shoes with shiny knives attached to the bottom to glide around on frozen water at the nearest park, otherwise known as ice skating, is a Canadian staple of any winter season, and a fun way to get some fresh air while getting a little physical activity in you. You can show off your stellar stick-handling abilities to all your friends or soar majestically across the ice with blades of glory. Whatever your preference,  the city of Montreal is nice enough to set up numerous outdoor skating rinks all over town so you can make the most of winter and we thought you'd like to know where to find some of them.

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What? P.K. Subban and George Parros immortalized by some Montreal artist street art style.

Where? Sir Wilfred Laurier Park skating rink.

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Winter in Canada means hockey and skating. Luckily, there are tons of places to skate and play shinny around the city of Montreal. Our great city provides public rinks all around the metropolis for people to skate on. Some of the nicer ones you'll have to pay a fee to experience, but there are plenty of free public rinks you can hit up if you already have skates. These are the perfect places to take someone on a romantic date, play shinny with your bros, or just enjoy the Montreal winter.

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