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skinny dipping

Montreal sure is one hell of a place while you're in your 20s. Not only is Montreal a major party city, but it is also home to many activities that you, as someone in their 20s, MUST try out! I mean you're 20! You should be partying all day every day.

Your 30s are just around the corner, which is still another awesome time to be alive, but only when you're in your 20s can you get away with looking 18 and acting 10! So, take advantage of this and do some stupid things and cross some things off your bucket list by doing some of the things below while you're still 20 and your body hasn't given up to the 30s. In other words, get drunk a lot since you can take the hangover now and probably not later on in life!

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Ah yes, the birthday that everyone looks the most forward to is their 18th when they are finally legal and considered an adult. Well, when you are 18 certain things are far more acceptable to do then when you hit your 20's. Down below is a list that composes of all the things you need to do while your still 18 and not giving a fvck.

I suggest trying to do all these things while you are still 18 because afterwards you get more serious about a job and school and your teen years are gone in a snap! Yes you can still do all these things after you are 18 but no one questions why you did something crazy when you say "well, I'm 18". So grab a drink and get crazy!

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It's mid-summer and it's time for us young, broke, and restless Montrealers to get out there! For those broke Montrealers like me, I think we should take advantage of the province we live in and explore what Quebec has to offer. So, if you are too broke to go to insane places across Canada, why not check out Quebec! The list below comprises of cheap places to go to in Quebec when you are young, broke, and darn right crazy.

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Ah yes, it is summer time and adventures are awaiting you. For those adventurous couples out there, I have formulated a strictly crazy list of ONLY the most thrilling activities you can do in and around Montreal this summer. So, for those couples seeking thrilling adventures, then I suggest making it a goal this summer to complete at least half of this list.

These activities are absolutely perfect for those crazy couples out there looking for a way to make summer '16 great. If you want to be crazy and adventurous with that special someone than get planning and start clicking! Make your summer memorable and well just crazy by planning some of these activities with that special person.

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With the extremely hot weather and the crowded beaches and pools, sometimes you just want to let it all loose and jump in water! This may not be legal in many places that I am suggesting but let's be real, skinny dipping is something on everyone's bucket list.

So, instead of pushing skinny dipping off to the next summer and then the next summer, do it THIS summer! Skinny dipping is a great way to relax and have some good laughs with your friends. Of course the best time to go is at night or early in the morning but some of these secret spots are good for every time of day.

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Photo cred - Philip Cabana

For all you couples on a budget out there, you don't actually need to spend money in order to have fun in Montreal. You can make the best out of the smallest outings/activities.

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