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snow in montreal

If Montreal's wildly inconsistent January weather patterns haven't freaked you out already, the latest February forecasts from Environment Canada and MétéoMédia are sure to ruffle some frigid feathers. February's weather is about to be colder than it's been all winter, so get ready for layers upon layers and sweating on the metro.

"We haven't had a particularly cold winter thus far," Environment Canada meteorologist Simon Legault told MTL Blog over the phone, but in February, things are going to get real.

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February's weather was... extra. We had snow. We had freezing rain. We had regular rain. Heck, we even had fog — remember that? Luckily, the month ahead is looking to be way more basic. Here's what to expect from Montreal weather in March.

On average, the Island of Montreal and the surrounding areas saw 55 centimetres of snow come down this month, according to Environment Canada meteorologist André Cantin. We had 49 millimetres of rain, which was a lot — the average for February is only 20.9 millimetres. Despite some truly frigid days, the average temperature for the month was -7.5 C, which is actually above the typical average of -7.7 C.

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Brace yourselves — winter is officially on its way. The Weather Network is predicting the first snowfall in Montreal to hit during the evening of Sunday, November 14.

While it shouldn't be too bad since only 1 to 3 centimetres of snow is expected Sunday night and it's likely to melt away quickly when mixed with the rain, it could make driving a little more difficult.

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To put it frankly, daylight saving during the fall is usually an indicator of our province's impending doom. The sun starts setting way too early, the cold weather makes us want to curl up into a ball on the couch, and in the back of our minds, we all know that snow is on its way.

And it may just be time to prepare ourselves for that last part because weather channels are predicting snow in Montreal in their upcoming 14-day forecasts.

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